Zianzo group is a brand working with different paralell concepts in clothes, acceories, denim, interior textile or even in masterpiece reproduction. In spite of variation of marked, we are always specializing in wearable art – our key word. At the beginning, we have focused on hand painted details on dress and accessories. We are proudly to say that the coorperation between painters and designers is our core value.
Nowadays, in spite of our concepts developing in various markets and with different customer groups, we are always keeping our red line – hand-painting. It has always been our desire to bring art close to daily life.
Hand-made art and design is definitely our passion, our signature.

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Our mission

The world of painting is as a hidden “Wonderland” in museums, galleries, or private studios of painters. There are numerous people who do not have many chances to enjoy or even don’t know about that beautiful world. We desire to open a gate so that everyone can touch the beauty and values of painting. When the gate is revealed through the path of fashion, painting becomes closer and more lively than ever before.
“My artwork on textile is the key to my secret garden. I swooned over the idea of one-kind-handpainted canvas on textile/ garment, a concept where art and fashion collide. From the beginning of transforming, strokes and  colors  on fabric  has stuck  me  as  magic.  Our mission is through the path of fashion, painting becomes closer and more lively than ever before”. Anh Zianzo.
Anh Zianzo, founder and creative director, created Zianzo group in 2018 with the vision to transform everyday wear into unique artpiece, and to offer special articific clothing/ accessories at justifiable prices. We prefer to keep limited to small runs to ensure that all the pieces are beautifully finished to the highest possible quality. Our factory has a permanent staff of 21 and large network of 50 professional painters. We have capacity to increase according to demand. There is not a minimum quantity policy; we are willing to consider any amount required from 1 piece to medium sized production quantities.

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