The features of design spirit define the brand: TINT is contemporary and hand-painting technique, a powerful source of energy and attraction, minimalism and sophistication. The hallmarks of Tint include innovative approaches to shape and texture. The techniques of painting depicted on the hand-painting texture for all collection, create a special attraction and timeless Tint aesthetic.
TINT bag is one of art concepts of Zianzo group, specializing only in hand-painting directly onto the garments. Each Tint piece is coorperation process between designers and painters from fabric choice to motif inspiration. Once the bags are completed, they are then painted by hand as they were real paintings.


meet our TEAM

our team

  • Founder/ Creative manager: Anh Zianzo
  • Designer: 3 members / Painter: 25 members/ Sewer: 4 members/ Presser: 1 member.
  • We specialise in hand painting service on demand.

Prices: We are happy to consider orders of any quantity. Prices will be dependant of style and quantity.  All styles will be discussed in detail with the client before prices are confirmed.

Monthly production capacity: 1 – 500 pcs dependant on style.

We believe in taking great care of the people we work with. We are proud to say we are a small yet happy family.

We are passionate about quality! We understand the importance of consistent quality and will not compromise on this hence why we went to great lengths to pull together experienced staff that love what they do.